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Our Lord and Savior was a carpenter, the supreme craftsman who crafted the very spirit that is perfectly placed deep within our hearts. Colossians 4:5 says,"Walk in wisdom toward those who are outside, redeeming the time."The wisdom that we at Savior Watches will be walking with are the watches we deliver with loving and encouraging words our Lord and Savior left for us to share in attempts to make you believe more with all of your heart.



Ruben Torres


Ever hear about "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?" A lot of those "enemies" are also my Facebook friends. Every single time I log on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram I always find myself looking at their day to day posts living a life in deep celebration as if they were living a perfect life... and I always found myself questioning myself saying "What If...?"

I've said this before, I strayed away from the Lord before and did things I was not proud of. A lot of these "enemies" did some of the things I did and for some, far worse. Plenty of it involved sex, drugs, alcohol, violence, etc… It was a rush back then and in my heart I felt as if I needed it and that was a life worth living. Surrounded by women, had money to spend and was always ready to start all over again on the weekend for the next alcohol and drug fueled rage. But I’ll say it again, once the money disappears, so does the women and the “friends” that I was surrounded by.

Fast forward years later, I see their posts on social media. Pictures of them traveling, partying in this city, that city, in different countries, going to exotic places, eating exotic foods, and drinking exotic drinks. Still doing the same stuff I stopped doing years ago but I’ll be honest, in my struggle when I was struggling, I was jealous of them. I envied everything it was that they were doing. I was jealous at the fact that they were living this “Perfect Life” and able to do things at the time I wasn’t able to. But then… I got saved. When the Lord reentered my heart all those things meant absolutely zero to me. The jealousy was gone all together because the Lord showed me that I did not need any of that in my life at all. His spirit will fill me with everything it is that I need and I felt more than content. The Lord filled me with Joy and Confidence… Say those words to yourself.. Joy.. Confidence. Have you ever experienced true Joy and true Confidence. The moment you do, I promise you that you will feel unstoppable because that's the comfort, understanding and the truth that Jesus is there by your side. And once you realize that, there is absolutely no reason for you to envy others.

All those things that I was jealous about was all empty promises and was an abundance of true emptiness. As stated before, once the money was gone, nobody was within site. There was no substance in any of that at all.

Proverbs 23:17-18 says, "Let not your heart envy sinners: but be you in the fear of the LORD all the day long. 18 For surely there is an end; and your expectation shall not be cut off.”

I visited one of “those friends” recently just to see how he was doing. The day before, he posted pictures of himself as if he were living that life that everyone dreams about letting everyone know in his social circle that he was living beyond good. Completely false! When talking to him, his mind was so cluttered, cursing up a storm, not working, blaming everyone else but himself as to why he wasn’t working, sleeping on his friends couch.. but yet, just the day before, he was posting pictures that showed he was living a grand life. And he wasn’t the only one doing that. Plenty of the people I was once jealous of were in the same boat he was in.

One thing he did notice about me was that I had this glow around me and he asked how I was doing. I told him that I was living that life. I told him I was living a life so grand and able to do things I have never done before and see things I’ve never seen before… Without drugs, without alcohol… with Jesus. Those places I went to way back when, I was able to see it sober and explore that city’s true beauty and hidden secrets. And only God could allow me to do that and I told him it was a million times better than that false life I use to live. For once, I truly love my life and the life to be. I told him he could have that as well and that all he has to do is confess that he is a sinner, accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior, know that he was crucified, died and risen from the dead on the third day. Believe in him and believe in his promises. I told him that His blood, washed all of our sins away… and that there is a life to be lived… with him in it. So I invited him to bible study and church… So lets see how this story continues and I promise you i’ll give you an update. 2015 is the start of a new year, a new year to get more souls saved, another year to honor God and a fresh start to get substance for those who do not have substance. I pray that your year is a fruitful and blessed one. God Bless every one of you and please pray for the individual I just shared. In Jesus Name!

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