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Our Lord and Savior was a carpenter, the supreme craftsman who crafted the very spirit that is perfectly placed deep within our hearts. Colossians 4:5 says,"Walk in wisdom toward those who are outside, redeeming the time."The wisdom that we at Savior Watches will be walking with are the watches we deliver with loving and encouraging words our Lord and Savior left for us to share in attempts to make you believe more with all of your heart.



Emil Tamayo



Before you knew Christ as your Lord and Savior, how were you as a person? I could tell you that my life was a mess and my roots were feeding on rotten soil. The party life for me started at an early age and was not just introduced to me by my siblings but my parents as well. So you could see that my background is something that you wouldn't call humble. 

Since I could remember, people were coming in and out of our house daily. I thought that my parents were extremely popular because people would walk in with smiling faces and welcomed with opened arms. I would come back from school and greeted by their "friends" who had already been four beers deep with the strong smell of marijuana lingering on their clothes... and this was the norm for me.

Me and my siblings started drinking and smoking at an extremely early age. I remember my first drunken experience was in the 7th grade as well as the first blunt I smoked. And because it was easy accessible for me at that age, I was a very popular kid at school. My "friends" and I would ditch school almost every week to hang out at my house where we could drink and get high followed by heading out to the beach in our state of mind to surf... my roots were feeding on rotten soil and a troubled life was a road I was heading down. My life was a euphoria of empty smiles and soundless laughs.

Right after high school, one of my parents was saved by the Holy Spirit and soon after became terminally ill. The one thing that mattered most to my parent was that my soul would be accepted in heaven. As stubborn as I was, I asked why God would let a newly accepted servant be taken like this and suffer like this? And when that parent passed away, I cursed at God then felt like I became absent from Him. I cursed at him because I did not know the truth... I lacked God's education... but the truth is, I was never absent from him.

There were several occurrences in my life that happened that should have taken the last breath out of me. Things I survived that can't be explained. I drank heavily, I smoked heavily, I experimented with other drugs till one morning I woke up in my own vomit and realized that the party was over. I needed a change in my life and I needed it fast. I fell to my knees, threw my hands up and shouted I surrender. I needed the Lord to come in and take control of my life. I needed more than just church, I needed full access to the world he promised us. I surrounded myself with people who believe in the word, I attended bible studies, ministries... My life was changing but not changed 100% until one day, I walked into the waters and was greeted by a pastor who asked, "Do you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?" without remorse, without question, I immediately said "Yes! I do accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior!" then was submerged into the water. When I arose, I felt cleaner than ever before as if every part of my body was cleansed. And it was cleansed through the blood of Christ. 

Colossians 2:7 says, "Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness."

I now realize why my life wasn't taken, it wasn't taken because God knew I would come to him and that the words in his bible and Jesus Christ would be my top soil. My roots would spread like never before because my soil was enriched with the love of Christ. I'm a changed man now with a beautiful family who also know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I am not silent about my faith and like my roots, it must spread for God wants us to be a fisher of men. I shout hallelujah for what God has done for me, the second chance at life he has given me... and I'll you what, I never experienced a love like this ever before and just the thought of it is a miracle on it's own.

So I ask that you join us on this fishing trip so we could catch and release our fellow man into God's promise, so they're allowed into his kingdom and let their roots grow down into him. Share this story, welcome friends to our social ministry on Twitter and Facebook and lets build God's Church stronger than ever before, amen?