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Our Lord and Savior was a carpenter, the supreme craftsman who crafted the very spirit that is perfectly placed deep within our hearts. Colossians 4:5 says,"Walk in wisdom toward those who are outside, redeeming the time."The wisdom that we at Savior Watches will be walking with are the watches we deliver with loving and encouraging words our Lord and Savior left for us to share in attempts to make you believe more with all of your heart.



Emil Tamayo


The holidays are coming up and I know for many, there are those who are incredibly stressed out. I remember in the 90's and early 00's money was scarce. Being with someone plus having a big family, I felt a great amount of pressure and stress due to not being able to purchase gifts or do anything special. What am I going to do? I'm going to ruin her Christmas because of my money situation!

At that time I always felt weak and less of a man because I could not do something as easy as purchasing gifts to make someone "Happy" for Christmas. So instead of looking towards the Lord for refuge and guidance, Old Man Jack, last name Daniel's became my adviser.. My Consigliere. And the two of us abused life everyday.


Turns out that I was not the only one feeling like that during the holidays. I had a few lonely buddies that were in the same shoes I was in and they had friends too, Jose C, Jim B, and who could forget about the greatest Captain to spice things up... Capt. Morgan! As I stated before, the holidays could leave many stressed out and with that, misery loves company and I had plenty of it.


What was the alcohol doing for us? What was the alcohol doing for me but allowing my mind to hide from the fact that I was dealing with these issues. God loves a cheerful giver, not a stressful giver. But the key thing I should have remembered was the fact that the holidays is absolutely not about buying gifts for others, its a celebration of the gift God gave us... Jesus Christ. The King of Kings, Lord of Lords, my Savior and my Light. The Lord who was born of a virgin who would one day die for my sins.


My sins... wow! And did I have plenty of them. Lets just say I put the bottles away and allowed God to take control of my life. That's the main thing he wants us to do, let go of ourselves and let him take control and work through us. He will give us everything we need and it is him that supplies all of our needs.

In Philippians 4:13, it says "I can do all things through him who strengthens me."


I could do anything and everything through Christ who gives me the strength to do all and supply all my needs and wants. From turning my life to God, he gave me the peace I needed in my mind and heart to carry on during the holidays and supplied me with the gifts I was able to afford to give to my loved ones. And it is Him, who I must thank and acknowledge for allowing me to do that. Not, Jack, Jose, Jim and the Captain who only masked things. The love of Jesus allowed me to put those masks away and face the reality I was going through... And I felt healed. So thank you Jesus for everything you did, are doing now and will do soon to come. In Jesus name...

Turn your life to God who will strengthen you and supply you with everything you need... mainly.... LIFE!


Lord, I pray that all my brothers and sisters in this social ministry has a happy holiday season. Please fill their lives with the love and joy you filled mine with and please let them know that these holidays are only here because of you. Please keep us safe during the holidays and out of harm's way. Please surround us with love ones, comfort and your grace. In Jesus name, Amen.

This season is all about the greatest gift we all received... Jesus Christ!


We at Savior Watches wanna to do something special for someone this Holiday Season. We are going to GIVE 4 people a Rejoice Watch who cannot afford any gifts this season. Some of us here were in the same boat and something like this would be an absolute blessing. Write us your testimony on whats going on in your life and how a Rejoice Watch would help you this Christmas. Please email it to We will choose 4 random people and will be sending the watch out right away. We’re not choosing the saddest story and this is not a contest about the saddest story… This is you telling us your story and having this ministry pray for you.  All testimonies will be posted on Facebook. Should you choose to want to be anonymous, simply write it at the end. We will email the 4 people directly to get all contact / shipping information.


If you believe that Jesus is our Lord and Savior, please share this with your friends and family. God Bless!